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Rice Recipes

Rice is a dish that everyone enjoys whether it's as a main meal, side dish or even dessert.  These rice recipes are a few of the ones that I've tried and enjoyed.  Each rice recipe listed here is a favorite in my family and I hope that one or two of these recipes become favorites of your family.

Do You Have A Favorite Rice Recipe?

Everyone has a favorite rice recipe in their recipe files.  And why wouldn't they?  Rice is a versatile food - it can be used in appetizers, side dishes, main dishes and even desserts.  It can be used as a comfort food, a filler, or a wonderful culinary centerpiece. 

With all the rice recipes to be discovered there are also a great many types of rice.  For each rice recipe in the cooking world today, there is a type of rice that fits the recipe best.

Rice may seem like a plain and simple dish to prepare, but with the many varieties of rice, there are almost endless ways to prepare rice recipes.

The most common rice recipes found in the United States contain white rice or brown rice.  Other rice recipes are beginning to use more aromatic rice such as jasmine and basmati rice.

If you are looking for a simple rice recipe or one that you can use to wow your dinner guests, check out our list of popular rice recipes.  New rice recipes are added frequently so check back soon to discover a new and easy rice recipe you can use tonight!


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